About me.


Like most small children I loved story time, the trouble is, I never grew up… 

I wrote story after story, drew picture after picture consuming paper by the ream and at the age of 9 I won a competition on Rolf's cartoon club. A fact you may think I would have stopped going on about by now, but it is still a highlight for me!

After graduating from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth in 2003 I started my career in children's animation. I worked on programmes such as Bob the Builder, Pingu, Roary the Racing Car, Postman Pat, Shaun the sheep, Timmey Time and most recently on the Aardman film Pirates. Over the last 10 years I have made and designed props and sets, sculpted and constructed puppets, story boarded episodes and even wrote a Pingu script, (Pingu makes a Splash).

While working in animation I continued to create and develop my own illustrations and stories in my spare time spending hours honing my own writing and illustration style. I am currently working on a number of dummy books; When will this acorn grow, How to take care of your elephant and Whats my noise? I have most recently worked on a set of seaside illustrations based on the Cornish coast. 

To me, humour is a very important part of children's story telling and I try to bring as much fun and laughter to each page. I love how a good picture book can bring so much fun to a child and leave a lasting message.

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